What To Expect From Your Alumauke:


What to expect from an Alum-A-Uke:

A surprisingly warm sound:
Many people who play an Alum-A-Uke expected something metallic and tinny, but are surprised by the warm and rich sound produced by this instrument.

Guitar-like tone:
A ukulele can tend more towards the banjo end of the spectrum or more towards the guitar end of the spectrum. We tend heavily towards the guitar end of the spectrum with our large volume body. A guitar-like sound can lend it’s self to playing more ‘non-traditional’ ukulele music such as classic rock, blues, alternative music, or accompanying yourself while singing.

Good playability up the neck and good sustain in the notes as you play up the neck.

Low Action:
We set the action as low as possible for easy playability.

Smooth Hand-Shaped neck:
Each neck is shaped carefully by-hand to be as smooth as possible, with a thin and wide contour that feels good in your hand and is easy to play.

Standard size frets:
Standard size frets are used instead of small frets to make to give reliable bar chord performance and make it easier to bend notes if the player desires.

Highly polished aluminum finished body with tight joints with a nice resonant tone when tapped with your fingertips, especially useful if you desire to add a percussive angle to your playing.