Why Buy Alumauke:


What makes Alumauke so special?
Alum-A-Uke is a hand-made instrument:

  • Each Alum-A-Uke is crafted by hand and played for several days before it is carefully packed and sent to you.

  • Each Alum-A-Uke is crafted by someone who cares about quality and who cares about the Ukulele as a musical instrument.

  • Alum-A-Uke is designed to produce a surprisingly warm rich and sound. Alum-A-Uke is also amazingly durable being made of aircraft-grade aluminum.

  • Each Alum-A-Uke is designed to be the best ukulele that we can possibly produce with every possible feature we can think of.

  • Alum-A-Uke reduces the use of rare hardwoods like Koa because it is mainly made of aircraft-grade aluminum.

  • 50% of profits of an Alum-A-Uke go directly to the Alum-A-Luther:
    The people who work with us are trying to support their families. We believe that the person who does the work should be paid fairly for the product they create.

  • Why not by a foreign made ukulele, they are much less expensive?

  • Many foreign workers in ukulele factories are only paid a small fraction of the profits from a ukulele, and may not have the time to play and tune your prospective ukulele over several days before it is sent to you.

  • Buying a foreign-made instrument undermines local economies, which many of our friends and neighbors rely on for a living.